Sperger Family Thanksgiving Update… 2020

01 Dec

Dear praying friend and co-labourer in God´s mission to the nations,

During the last several months I have been teaching a course on our online missionary training learning management system, CIMA that is seeking to recruit and train Stratetic Coordinators of the Great Commission and Non Residential Missionaries from several countries. We are doing our part, the training! If some decide to dedicate a career to SCGC (Strategic Coordination of the Great Commission) and or Non-residential Missiones it is in the Holy Spirit´s capable sovereign hands. We kicked off the process by holding a seminar called Non-residential missions and the coordination of the great commission, as a strategy for a time such as this (see photo shown below) with over 100 registered. Then in October we initiated a 9 week course that ends next week. Students are developing a plan to bring to bear at least 20 dimensions of World Christian Discipleship on their home nation or on another less reached nation. We have students from the Dominican Republic, Spain, Ecuador, Panamá and Cuba. This is our first attempt since the early 90´s to train Non Residential Missionaries and our very first attempt to train Strategic Coordinators of the Great Commission, a concept that we at IFMB.ORG are developing out of our own original strategic thinking about the Great Commission.


We celebrated thanksgiving on Sunday the 29th three days after the US thanksgiving because it´s not a holiday down here. So we always do our celebration on Saturday or Sunday to include friends who work. We invited the families of our Costa Rican Andean – Tibetan Connection short term team as well as one of our missionary families who will be returning to work with Quechua Christians in Perú soon. Our trip this year was cancelled in April due to the CCP Corona Virus… 🙁 This scene of the first Thanksgiving is somewhat reminiscent of our own life experience on the mission field. We are frequently eating meals over the years with different leaders among tribal friends and nationals from many countries. This year it´s people that in one way or another are involved in our Tribe2Tribe ( in Spanish) ministry and the Andean Tibetan Connection..

From Bobbi: One of my closest friends, Maureen, the wife of Pablo Ortiz, passed away suddently on October 1st. Almost every year we have spent thanksgiving together and they have had a pastoral and intercessory role in my life. As I mourn my close friend, we come to the end of an extremely complicated year, but still giving thanks in the midst of all things for this is the will of the Lord. (1 Ts. 5:18).

Randy and Bobbi Sperger

Central América en Costa Rica

A Plea for Help for Friends and Co-labourers in Nicaragua

Osvaldo y Eliette Rosales and their son, Madriel 23 and daughter, Maria del Carmen 19, in Nicaragua are a dynamic couple working hard to disciple Nicaragua though training of pastors and discipling future christian leaders to strive to bring God´s Kingdom principals to bear on a country torn by past violence, war, hurricanes, poverty and communist political instabiity. Osvaldo and Eliette have worked closely with our base leader in Nicaragua, Alfredo Martínez. They are good people and God´s servants! They urgently need six months of help to pay for medicine for their daughter. She sadly has a tumor at the base of her brain the size of a grape. The cost of those medicines for 6 months is $480.00. So the best way would be for a donor to say, for example, I will send $80.00/month for 6 months. If you decide to donate to this urgent need please specify for “Medicine for Rosales family in Nicaragua” and donate under DONATE, Organizations, Tierra Verde. We will keep you posted on how her treatment is going.

Prayer Requests and Support Needs

  1. URGENT: We received $1156.50 of support this month. I paid some of our pending bills and current expenses for this month and we have now are left with a grand total $325.00 in the balance. That will not even pay the rest of our normal bills plus food, not to mention end of the year taxes to the Costa Rican government. So we are once again in urgent need of your prayers and support. We would ask you to pray about a special Christmas offering early in the month. Every year in Costa Rica we have, what I call, the Christmas scourge (sounds like Scrooge) because the state hits everybody with taxes on vehicles and other government imposed expenses at just that time of year! The secular Christmas spirit right? How festive! This complicates our normal ministry and hospitality that we should do during the Christmas season and at end of the year. Our situation is critical! Amount needed: $ 1460.00
  2. The brake disk pads are worn out on my car and that represents an urgent need! Can´t drive it right now! Estimated amount needed: $350.00
  3. We are behind in our property taxes. They have rise to the level of what I call “a tyrannical rent on private property”, instead of taxes. One now pays the government rent on owning personal property, not taxes. That is how high it has gotten and now the latest socialist thieves in power have promised to triple property taxes! Amount needed: $500.00 at least are needed to get us up to date.


Ministry Update September 2020

11 Sep

Dear praying friend,

Believe it or not we are ministering more and teaching more and publishing more stuff since covid-19 than even before. I guess the old adage is applies here: “Necesity is the mother of invention.”

In this edition of our update we share some with you some of our recent work and report to you for your prayerful consideration our urgent need for additional financial support this month!

Blessings in King Jesus,

Your kingdom partners in Costa Rica and from Costa Rica to the worlds unreached peoples


Teaching lesson number four of the New Virtual Perspectivas Coursethat has launched all over Latin America and in Spain. My class, Lesson 4 is on the biblical basis for world missions called: “The Mandate for Reaching the Nations“, will be heard and studied by hundreds of Latin American pastors, missionary candidates and potential world christians. Please pray for this great and very important course that has become a worldwide movement in pro of the Global Christian Movement.

The image above is from the Virtul Perspectives Course launch for Latin America in August. We were pioneers in establishing the first seeds of the movement in the 1980´s according to Bruce Koch who works at the Global Perspectives office. I started the first perspectives course in Latin America. Though we didn´t have the full reader and work book in Spanish at the time, as we thankfully do now, we still made sure our students were taught the who package! What a priviledge to contribute to this marvelous kingdom mobilization and training tool. Perspectives is a course about God´s Glory and Global Purposes for all nations! It will change your life! You can now take it in English online and in real life local communites, as well.


Please pray for us and please pray about a special offering this month. We are so far down this month on our support that the budget doesn´t allow us to even pay the normal bills and put food on the table.

Pray about helping us with a special offering this month. Just click on the giving heart or the DONATE NOW BUTTON.
1. Pray for Randy as he works daily to finsh his book. A possible title in English could be: A Biblical Theology of God´s Global Kingdom Mission.
2. Pray for our new course our new online Nonresidential Missions and Great Comission Strategic Coordination starting in October. If you know anyone who might be interested they can register here!
3. Pray for David and Sarah in Spain. They are establishing our HIMF base n Spain and work with out online course program. Click here to donate to David and Sarah.
4. Pray for Reza and Soraya in Central Asia. Reza was recently operated on and is recovering. Pray for their language learning and making new friendships for personal evangelism.Click here to donate to Reza and Soraya in Central Asia
5. Pray for Cesar and Carla: God´s leading for where to go to fulfill there call in Spain. They have doors open but need clear confirmation.
6. Pray for Isabel who is staying with us here in the base. She is an experienced missionary nearly native fluency in an major language with many unreached peoples. She also speaks a Turkic language. She waiting to leave for Central Asia to her join team as soon as doors open on the field side.
7. Pray for Michel and Janet in Chile as they are trying to set up a training base with HIMF training in Chile starting next year.


The Glory of Closed Doors

18 Mar

Now when they had gone throughout Phrygia and the region of Galatia, and were forbidden of the Holy Ghost to preach the word in Asia, 7 After they were come to Mysia, they assayed to go into Bithynia: but the Spirit suffered them not.8 And they passing by Mysia came down to Troas. 9 And a vision appeared to Paul in the night; There stood a man of Macedonia, and prayed him, saying, Come over into Macedonia, and help us. 10 And after he had seen the vision, immediately we endeavoured to go into Macedonia, assuredly gathering that the Lord had called us for to preach the gospel unto them.Acts 16:6-10

In our last letter we sent you an urgent plea for prayer and for funds for our visionary mission trip to Himalayan – Tibetan regions of India and Nepal. Due to the Wohan China Government Virus (otherwise unfortunately known as the “coronavirus”. I say unfortunately because corona in Spanish means crown, and there is only one who wears the governmental Crown over all the earth. His name is King Jesus. In Spanish I call it the “no-coronavirus”) we have been forced to postpone our trip due to the current crazed and volatile situation regarding air-travel and visas for Latin America and on to Spain, Nepal and India. While in Bolivia, last year, the Lord gave me a message about the “glory of closed doors“. Closed doors are glorious because closed doors in the service of our sovereign king Jesus almost always means the opening of more glorious doors.

Our changed plans now look something like the following, with possibilities of date changes due to Wohan China Virus or other things beyond our control.
* Highland Connection Training Camp”: Middle of October till middle of November 2020 in Peru and Bolivia.
* Visionary Mission Trip April 2021: It will be approximately the same plan the we attempted in 2020 but for next year, of course.

Randy and Bobbi Sperger

Serving the King of Kings in and from Costa Rica, Central America!
Please pray about a generous offering to support us on these strategic mission trips and our ongoing work in Costa Rica and around the world.
1. Pray for our ongoing work with Tribe2Tribe in Costa Rica. We hope to hold a Costa Rican Tribal Network event in July. Projecting to continue that work through our network of Tribal leaders and pastors.
2. Pray for Costa Rica and Central America. We don´t have the medical facilities for a deluge of sick people over 60! Pray for Jesus to exercise His CROWN RIGHTS over all nations and over this sickness after letting us know that our medical technology is not on the throne and only HE WEARS THE CROWN.
3. Pray for Highland Connection Mission Training in Peru and Bolivia in October o early November.
4. Pray that we may accomplish our missionary task next year. Take a look at our route by hypertext here. A work in progress!
5. Pray for adequate funding. My last trip to Spain was underfunded!
Our support was down last month. Please don´t forget us in the midst of so much convulsion and fear among the nations! Randy and Bobbi Sperger


Reprojecting the Visionary Trip for 2021

In the month of April, Lord willing, I will be traveling with a team from Bolivia, Peru and Costa Rica to some of the key Tibetan Buddhist regions in the highlands of Nepal and India (Himachal Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir). Our trip dates are from the 28th of March till the 4th of May. This trip is part of our broader Tribe2Tribe project and is specifically part of the Andean – Tibetan Conexion project. We are calling this a Visionary Trip for base leaders from Peru and Bolivia and new missionary candidates in training that we are taking with us to help them discern their calling for more permanent long term missionary service, discipleship and church planting work among Tibetan Buddhist peoples. Click here for more information. Our budget for the trip is $3,000.00! NOTE: If you have given with this trip as your objective for your donation please let us know and we will put that money aside either for the trip to Bolivia and Peru in October or if you want till April 2021.

Andean – Tibetan Connection

18 Mar

Visionary Mission Trip to India and Nepal 2021

In the month of April, Lord willing, I will be traveling with a team from Bolivia, Peru and Costa Rica to some of the key Tibetan Buddhist regions in the highlands of Nepal and India (Himachal Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir). Our trip dates are from the 28th of March till the 4th of May. This trip is part of our broader Tribe2Tribe project and is specifically part of the Andean – Tibetan Conexion project. We are calling this a Visionary Trip for base leaders from Peru and Bolivia and new missionary candidates in training that we are taking with us to help them discern their calling for more permanent long term missionary service, discipleship and church planting work among Tibetan Buddhist peoples.

Click here for more information. Our budget for the trip is $3,000.00! NOTE: If you have given with this trip as your objective for your donation please let us know and we will put that money aside either for the trip to Bolivia and Peru in October or if you want till April 2021.


Healing the 12 Fountains of Culture… “Far as the Curse is Found”

23 Dec

The Third verse of Joy to the World says:
No more let sins and sorrows grow
Nor thorns infest the ground
He comes to make His blessings flow

Far as the curse is found, far as the curse is found Far as, far as the curse is found”

As the nations receive the royal proclamation of the good news of the kingly child who was born and the Son of God was later given for the sins of the world the fountainheads of humanity ́s cultures will slowly be healed and made productive again.(See 2 Kings 2:19-22). Death and sterility produced by the curse will be healed. As that wonderful Christian chorus Joy to the World says: This healing shall become a reality little by little “Far as the Curse is Found“. That means among all nations, peoples, tribes and tongues and for the restoration of all of creation. God ́s solution was to give us a GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT!

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be Upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. 7 Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this“. (Isaiah 9:6,7). God ́s Kingdom and government will increase more and more until He comes. THAT IS THE PROMISE! Daniel 2:35b And the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth. Our job is to fill up the earth with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea! (Isaiah 11:9)

REMBRANDT’s ”Adoration of the Shepherds” Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn [Dutch Baroque Era Painter and Engraver, 1606-1669]

Plans for the coming years

One of the projects I am working on with several of our most brilliant leaders is the founding a center we are planning to call “The Francis Schaeffer Center for Cultural Transformation” (Centro Francis Schaeffer para la Transformación de Cultura).

Incidentally I am writing a book on the topic that I am calling “Healing the Twelve Fountains of Human Culture“. After the introduction the book will have twelve main chapters dealing with each of the 12 spheres of culture and maybe two more, one dedicated to a plan for implementing the vision and one more as a conclusion. So that would 14 chapters plus the introduction. Please pray for the discipline to get the work finished among so many other pressing jobs.


Our other main project for the coming years that is part of our Tribe2Tribe movement is Conexion Andino – Tibetano (the Andian – Tibetan conection) This is where we want to focus most of our efforts for reaching unreached peoples in the coming years. The more than 90 unreached Tibetan Buddhist People Groups. We are planning a trip to the Tibetan Buddhist Region of India and Nepal in the month of April 2020. Pray for us and the finances for that trip

Wishing you and your a Very Merry Christmas and Happy and Prosperous New Year,

The Sperger Family in Costa Rica

Help Us Finish the Year in the Black

Christmas time represents one of the financially stressful times for those of us who live in Costa Rica. We need $549.00, just to keep our vehicles on the road. There are other expenses that are imposed upon us by the civil government who knows just the time to tax the people… When they receive the Christmas bonus! Due to that reason we haven ́t exchanged Christmas gifts since 2006.

Donate Now!

But I rejoiced in the Lord greatly, that now at the last your care of me hath flourished again; wherein ye were also careful, but ye lacked opportunity.
– Philippians 4:10


Joy to the World with “Celtic Women”.


Lunchtime with family at Skyline Chile.
Preaching the homily at dad´s funeral: “Dad sleeps waiting for Jesus to awake him out of sleep”. (Paraphrased from Luke 11:11)
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Fall Ministry Update 2019

17 Oct

Dear praying friend,

The last couple of months since my return from my missionary journey all over Spain has found us increasingly abounding in the King´s Business! (1 Cor. 15:18). The King´s business of the Great Commission should involve all of life and thought, and more and more we are involved in impacting increasing numbers of key areas of our King´s Great Commission Mandate. Click on the link for a great book on the subject.

Pioneer or frontier missions advances (Romans 15:17-21), Bible translation in partnership with Wycliffe Bible Translators, helping indigenous tribal movements like tribe2tribe (T2T), indigenous sending organizations, vocational discipleship, and preaching and teaching the Kingdom of God in Word and Deed until whole nations will be brought under the easy yoke of King Jesus.

Beloved we are in urgent need of your prayers and sacrificial support this month. Last month the offerings to our work were way down and this month was even more severe! Please pray about sending a special offering for this month. Normally ministry expenses, often part of our travel expenses, food and drinks at meetings, local travel and office expenses (web site hosting, domains, podcast storage, online meetings, building maintenance, property maintenance, and on and on, come out of our normal family budget, (We don´t have extra space and missionary housing for fun!). My mission trip to Europe was more expense than planned which means that I had a deficit of a least $1000.00.


Here is our Fall Update

Always Abounding in the Work of the Lord!

Tasks ranging from giving testimony over the founding years of FEDEMEC during their most recent passing of the mantel to FEDEMEC´s new director Carlos Abarca, to testifying in court to defend workers from unjust and humanistic judges and laws, receiving workers from unreached fields among various Muslim and Buddhist tribes in Africa and Asia and so much more. We are praying fervently for the healing of a good friend and co-worker from a tribe in Africa who was kidnapped by Boko Haram in a Muslim country. He has been released but is recovering from cruel wounds and internal injuries from brutal beatings. We also have been helping to translate for pastoral training done by the International Training Institute for Costa Rican pastors and leaders, making contacts for the beginning of a Latin America Center for Biblical Law and Justice, teaching missions course, attending a meeting about the “Don´t Touch My Child” (Con Mi Hijo No Te Metas) movement against Identity Politics in Latin America, in the National Assembly´s Hall of Ex-presidents. The event focused on defending the family and the nation from cultural Marxism, identity politics and the abortion butchers. I recommend for you consideration Douglas Murray´s new book: the Madness of Crowds, gender, race and identity to help you sort it out. He is not christian but has a lot of traditional wisdom. More in the English Scholarly tradition. We are also helping the 5 Reforms movement in Costa Rica to begin to establish a strong conservative and biblically informed political movement based on 1) limited government, 2)free markets, 3) private property and 4) a biblically informed reformation of law and justice among other things. See more below!

Blessings in the King,

Randy and Babbi Sperger
Wednesday, October 16th, 3nd Day of the Feast of Tabernacles 2019. Tabernacles symbolized among other things the Great Feast of the Ingathering of all Nations (Panta Ta Ethne, all nations)




July the 26,27th FEDEMEC (our first mission organization celebrated it´s 4th passing of the leadership mantel after 33 years) We are pleased with the new leadership! To do the outgoing director Andrés Blanco decided to hold a conference featuring your´s truly as the founding director, Allan Matamoros Fedemec´s first director after me, and Carlos Abarca the new director. Three of the four directors were there for the ceremony. Jorge Gómez the president of the Evangelical Alliance presided and one of Fedemec´s founding planning committee. It was a time of great blessing and with the sense of a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit blessing the new leadership and renewing strong ties with past directors.

A view of conference attendees
Teaching on the second day on a Biblically sound vision of the Missional Church

Don´t Mess with my Kids Movement

Fours Speakers in the presentation of “Don´t Mess with my Kids” (Con Mis Hijos No te Metas). In the Hall of Expresidents – San José, Costa Rica

We had four excellent speakers in the “Don´t Mess with my Kids” movement. They held a teaching conference in the National Hall of Ex- Presidents in the National Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica a few weeks ago. They all spoke with great authority and eloquence against the utter stupidity and illegality of Gender ID Politics and other Cultural marxist currents of revolutionary thought. Costa Rica has a very strong “Patria Potestad” (Parental Authority) constitutional and legal tradition. BUT WE MUST BE VIGILANT AND STAND AND FIGHT! Part of that fight means helping the 5 Reforms Movement under Dr. Alberto Mansueti from Chile. If we don´t we soon won´t have a base from which to send missionaries from Latin America. We will all be Venezuelas.

Training Pastors and Leaders


From the 19th – 22nd of August I translated for a theological training course for pastors done by the International Training Institute (ITI) who currently has 7,000 leaders enrolled in the ITI in 23 countries. It is a lot of fun to help facilitate this training with quality translation that the pastors really appreciate. They know enough English to tell the difference.


In August and for a few days in September I went to Bolivia to teach the Perspectives Course in four cities: 1) San Cruz de la Sierra, 2) Cochabamba, 3) Sucre and 4) La Paz. This is a course that every christian should take once in their lives and especially pastors and missionary candidates. It is a requirement for all of our missionaries. It was an amazing tour. After teaching in one city I had to get on a plane the next morning and fly to the next city. In La Paz I landed at about 4,000 meters elevation or 13,123 feet in La Paz Alta. Pretty high, but nothing compared to some of Bolivia´s and Peru´s highest villages at 14,764 feet. Bolivia is also big so that is why I had to fly!

IMG 4894
The perspectives coordination team in Santa Cruz de la Sierr
IMG 4909
The perspectives course coordination team in Cochabamba
IMG 4967 Fotor4032X2324
The Perspectivas Course Coordination Team La Paz, Bolivia


The last Saturday of my trip our mission society partner in Cochabamba, BAN Bolivia (Bendencidos Alcanzando Nationes: Blessed Reaching Nations) held an introductory seminar that I taught on Ethnodoxology. Ethnodoxology is a new missiological science that has grown out of the science of Ethnomusicology. For security reasons I won´t share photos on this public site.

Tibet image

A Tea-Bet is a time to gather together young people, pastors and interested parties to drink Tibetan butter tea and share in a Tibetan dish prepared by my ethno-gastronomist wife and to share with missionaries, bible translators or other crazy people who have been there, and are working there, speak the languages and have come back alive to share about it! Pray for Babbi´s website with cooking videos and instructions. She cooks with on thing in mind… That the nations might all come together and share their delights in the table of the KING OF KINGS.

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Spain Report

11 Sep

From May 22 till July 2 of this year, for forty days, I was in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and France. Mostly Spain and Switzerland. I want to share some memories and achievements of our trip with you here. It would take hours and hours to share with you all that God did on this wonderfully blessed trip! Here is just a little about it.

Photos from the left to the right 1-3 then left to right 4-6 and finally 7-9 on the bottom left to the right. .
1. In Madrid with Lester and Katherin González from Nicaragua and Támara y Paul Lizardo, missionaries with World Team, one of our partner organizations in Spain. Támara is from Slovakia and Paul from the Dominican Republic. Lester and Katherin are HIMF missionaries in Spain. They need much prayer as they seek to get their legal status and begin their work. They need financial support (please let me know if you can´t find them on the website)! Paul and Támara are missionaries with World Team mission and now Spanish Citizens. World Team was our host for the “See the Son” program from the 25th of May till the 2 of June.
2. With Paul Lizardo, and two other missionaries (Peter Gil and Dwight a Baptist missionary) preparing for a Basketball Evangelism program in Alcalá de Henares.
3. See the Son team in Rio Gordo, Andalusia. We were three from Costa Rica and two from Nicaragua mobilized by HIMF and Paul Lizardo.
4. Researching Tibetan refugees in Spain. Randy, Wengchen from Tibet and Cesar Casteñada from Nicargua. Wengchen is the founder of the Tibetan Embassy in Exile in Barcelona, Spain. We visited him in his House of Tibet Foundation: Tibet House Foundation/. We need to reach out to Tibetan refugees in Spain (80) and Switzerland (7,500). There are also many in other European countries. Info at International Campaign for Tibet on the Tibetan plight aqui
5. Statue of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra author of the Quixote in the Cervantes Museum, Alcalá de Henares near Madrid.
6. Yours truly ready to fight a bull in the Madrid Arena… no, just kidding.
7. At Salamanca University investigating the roots of [Biblical Economics]( front of the Fray Luis de Leon building. Biblical or Christian Economics began not with Adam Smith but with Francisco de Vitoria, Martín de Azpilcueta (1493–1586) and Luis de Molina of the School of Salamanca. Murray Rothbard referred to them as proto-Austrians. My blog page under biblical economics (click here) talks about the history of free market capitalism from a Christian Biblical point of view.
8. We were on Spanish TV in the Evangelical Church of Tarshish in Cadiz, Spain. Here we are at a monument to a Protestant martyr Rodrigo Valer who was condemned for being an Protestant Christian. Condemned to die in the monastery on bread and water (1541-1548).
9. With pastor Manuel Roselló with whom we stayed for days and César in Valencia, Spain in front of his bookstore, “La Pesca Milagrosa” in Valencia, Spain.

1. Putting up publicity for an evangelistic event in the village of Meco with English missionary Peter Gil and Paul Lizardo, near Alcalá de Henares.
2.Cesar Casteñada my trusty Sancho during my Quixotic trip all over Spain, preaching, teaching, researching and praying for where we are to set up our base and where Cesar and Karla are to start their work.
3. A Roman aqueduct totally intact in Segovia, Spain where St. John of the Cross did his marvelous mystical poetry about the cross and the journey to spiritual union with the King. He is my all time favorite poet.
4.Cesar with William Quiroz menonite missionary from Costa Rica in Vigo, Spain in Galicia. William is asking for us to send more workers and start a base there! Anybody with a call?
5.The marvelous Islamic arches in the Cathedral Mosque of Cordoba Spain. This brings us to the issue of Islam in Europe.
6.A punk rocker I evangelized in the Roman Pretorium of Tarragona near the Roman circus where many Christians were martyred. Re-imagine Terraco, now called Tarragona here.
7.Communion meal Sunday in Madrid.
8. A painting of the bombing and burning of Guernika, Basque country, Spain. This was a horrible and dastardly attack perpetrated by Franco in union with the Germans.
9.Picasso´s painting of the bombing of Guernica (26 April 1937) on a wall in Guernica. The original painting is in the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid. This should make us think of the relevance of the arts and culture
Sunday morning after preaching in a Mixed Spanish, Latino, Basque church pastored by Fernando Roselló
Talayuela Mosque, Spain. Picture from the internet. We have strategic contacts there waiting to receive our missionaries!
Yours trully with Don Quixote and Pablo Lizardo front of the Cervantes House in Alcalá de Henares, España.


11 Apr

Dear one in King Jesus,

2019 is looking to be a year of long missionary journeys with a long term purpose. This year we´re doing two frontier misions trips with international teams which we believe will have a significant long term impact. The first, to Spain, Southern France and Switzerland. The second to the Himalayan regions India and Nepal.  The third trip, to Israel is for blessing, prayer, praise and evangelization.

Europe, Tibet and Israel.

What an unusual combination of mission trips  for this ministry! In addition to our other normal teaching (pastors seminars, online live, CIMA and TA Panta, our online courses), preaching, missions mobilization and training activities, this year we are planning strategic missionary travels to 1) Europe (Spain, France and Switzerland),  2) to the Tibetan regions of India and Nepal, and 3) to Israel. Here´s a summary of what´s happening…

  1. SPAIN, FRANCE AND SWITZERLAND: In the month of May and June (May 23rd till July 2) I will be traveling to Spain, France and Switzerland with a team of our missionaries and partners from Costa Rica and Nicaragua. One family from Nicaragua already arrived on March 25. We will be attending World Team´sSee the Son”  prayer and vision conference from the 25th of May till the 1st of June. We are working on a strategic Partnership  between our mission IFMB and  World Team. BUDGET: $600 Euros. After the “See the Son” event I will be traveling with our team from Madrid to Valencia.  Valencia to Murcia, Murcia to Granada, Granada to Cadiz, Cadiz to Seville and then back to Madrid. Then on to Barcelona, Tarragona, Zaragoza, Vitoria – Gasteiz and Bilbao (Vasque Country with it´s own unique language)   and then to Bayonne Vasque country Southern France, Toulouse,  Marseille, and Lyon (see details below). Then it´s on to Geneva, Lausanne, and the village of Huemoz – L´Abri in  Switzerland. We will be staying at the great Christian evangelist, cultural critique and philosopher, Francis Schaeffer´s L´Abri community.  IMMEDIATE BUDGET NEED: $2,500.00
  2. TIBETAN REGION OF INDIA AND NEPAL:  In the month of October 1st-30th I will be travelling to India and Nepal with team from our partners from Bolivia (BAN),  Perú (Munakuy), from our base in Nicaragua, ASOMENIC, and from  IFMB, in Costa Rica. These teams are part of our short term teams and missionary formation program Highlands Conection  Please visit our new website called (in Spanish) part of our Andean – Tibetan Conexion Tribe 2 Tribe program. BUDGET: $2,500.00
  3. ISRAEL:  In the month Nov – December Bobbi  will be travelling to Israel with the “Ruth, the Moabite” Musical to Israel and  Spain (Spain event to be confirmed). Bobbi, along with Pablo and Maureen Ortiz, José Castillo (violinist), and a group of 20 dancers and actors  will be performing this work of art written and directed by our good friend and Costa Rican messianic Jew, Margarita Diaz Salas. She is the wife of my Biblical Hebrew professor, now with the Lord, Herman Salas. The Halel Foundaton (facebook) will be providing venues and support in Israel. BUDGET: $1650.00 x 2 plus airfare for two. That price includes food, hotels, transportation and venues for our events.


The  purpose of our visit to Spain is multple. We intend to explore the land (Numbers 13) with  seven  of our missionaries. We will be visiting areas of Islamic migrant colonization, Tibetan Buddhist refugees from China, Gypsy (Gitano o Romani churches), Spain´s largest evangelical group that needs to be mobilized for missions. There is also an enormous population of Hispanics from Latin America that represent and enormous potential for future missionaries to North Africa, Middle East and elsewhere. We will be searching for where to place our base in Spain and where to initiate our first church planting efforts. I am dreaming about work with the Basques. The purpose of our visit to France is to visit the French Basque country, and to see the situation and possible doors of ministry to French secular humanists and  Muslim migrants in Southern France. We will be visiting Francis Schaeffer´s L´Abri community in Huemoz, high in the Alps. We are seeking to form a strategic partnership or at the very least, wise counsel and mentorship for our plans to establish a Center for Cultural Transformation honoring Francis Schaeffer in Iberoamerica (Spain and Costa Rica).  Please pray for this important great commission effort.


Please pray about a special offering to help us accomplish our mission in Europe. I am commited. I have already paid for my tickets and made a deposit on the “See the Son” event with World Team:  REMAINING BUDGET NEED: $2,500.00

On the map you can see the Tibetan-Himalayan regions of India in the northwest, between Nepal and Bhutan in Sittim and in the extreme northeast (Assam and Arunchal Pradesh). There are about 72 (98 by country) known Tibetan Buddhist people groups as well as another estimated 150 people groups that missionary ethnologists tell us are unclassified, still waiting to be found. Amazing! We have started the Andean – Tibetan Conection with the purpose of recruiting, training and sending Quechua and Ayamará tribal christians, adapted to high elevation living to go to these people groups.

The “Ruth the Moabite” Musical going to Israel!  We will be making presentations in Spain (to be confirmed) and Israel in Yardenit and in Jerusalem, maybe even on Har Tsiyyon (Mount Sion).


Sperger Family Update Fall 2018

20 Oct

Dear praying friend,

So much to tell, so much to share! Our Tribe to Tribe movement continues to grow and make pioneer and radical headway in Frontier Missions (Stay up to date on the whole frontier missions enterprise here) in reaching and discipling unreached tribal peoples and other frontier peoples. Here is a brief list of what we are doing with more details on two of our latest frontier missions events. 1) I have been ministering almost weekly to a group of (varies) 30 – 60 pastors. In August I taught on Christian resistence and Biblical Civil Disobedience. 2) In September 4th-18th I travelled to Bolivia and Peru for the Andean – Tibetan Connection Missions Conference we conducted in both countries. (see below) 3) Now in October I have finished a series on the Text of the Bible, it´s inspiration, inerrancy, infallibility, the transmission of the Biblical text and how we know the Bible is a reliable copy of what the prophets and apostles wrote down under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. 4) We also hosted in a Café Concert in our home – called “Guitars in the Countryside” with the Costa Rican National University´s Guitar Orchestra.(see below). 5) I am also mentoring an ambitious and talented Missionary with a growing Central Asian ministry.



From the 4th till the 18th of September I travelled with one of our IFMB missionaries Henry Gutierrez and Carlos Anchía pastor of very special church from Pavas, Costa Rica to Bolivia and Peru. Our mission was to sow a burden I received from the Lord over 15 years ago for sending Quechua and Aymara missionaries who live in the high mountain plateaus (called “altiplano” in Spanish (11,400 feet – 18,000 feet) of the Andes to the unreached Tibetan peoples high in the mountain valleys and plateaus of the Himalayas living at the same elevation. The right opportunity and timing has not come until now! We held a missions conference in Cochabamba, Bolivia and another one in Urubamba, Peru in the Sacred Valley of the Incas where we find the famous Inca way! There area six countries that make up the old Inca Way (Perú, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina and Bolivia! ) and six countries with unreached Tibetan Peoples ( Afghanistan (Wakhan – Pamir), Pakistan (Balti people), India (N.W. and N.E. India), Nepal, Bhutan, China (Tibet, Sichuan, Gansu,Qinghai, Yunnan), Northern Myanmar ).

Blessings in the King,
Your partners in reaching and discipling the nations
Randy and Bobbi Sperger



In the village of Rucca at 4,200 meter (13,779 feet) elevation.

In the village of Huilloc Alto where we stayed at 4,300 meters (14,107 feet). Far left Costa Rican pastor Carlos Anchía, C.Rican missionary Henry Gutiérrez, Yours truly!

Part of the group from the Conference in Cochabamba, Boliva.

Café Concert-Guitars in the Countryside

Costa Rican National University Guitar Orquestra, directed by master classical guitar professor Pablo Ortiz.

Bobbi coordinated a Café- concert we called Guitars in the Countryside, Laura from our missions base did the promo materials with help from me, Henry Gutiérrez brought coffee from his Tarrazu, coffee farm. Bobbi did a snack menu with recipees from Venezuela, England, Spain, Malaysia, and Austria, made to go with the musical compositions they played. After the concert Saul Laso from Peru shared about his ministry to needy children, Quechua families and churches in mountain villages in the Andes above the Sacred Valley of the Incas near Urubamba. You can hear their last piece called Moliendo Café (Grinding Coffee) from Venezuela. Click Here






Central Asian Project

Khujand Mosque, northern Tajikistan

The Central Asian project (website under construction in Spanish and Portuguese) is seeking to provide information on the region, it´s people groups and cultures, religions, strategic missions statistics, and to mobilize prayer and to provide a platform for recruiting new missionaries and forming apostolic teams, linking them to mission organizations, and then launching them to evangelize and disciple the the nations of the region. I am mentoring the founder and director. He speaks a Turkish bloque language and has worked in the region and made trips to the region to help local believers and pastors the connect with vital evangelization and discipleship resources.




Trip to Bolivia and Perú … the Quechua – Tibetan Connection

29 Jul

In September I will be traveling to Perú and Bolivia. We are working hard on the fulfillment of a longstanding dream to see the Quechua tribes of Perú, Bolivia and Ecuador (Quichua) send missionaries to the unreached Tibet peoples of Nepal, Bhutan, India and China. We will be doing a three day missions conference with the new missions society starting up in Bolivia through the ministry of Job and Mabel Vargas Quechua missionaries with more than 20 years of experience in Northern India evangelizing, discipling and church planting.  If all goes according to plan Job will  be working with HIMF and our Tribe2Tribe movement to recruit, train and sent Quechua missionary teams to many of the 92 unreached Tibetan people groups.

After Bolivia we till travel to Cuzco, Perú  and on to Limatambo where Henry and Hanni Gutierrez have worked. They are now in Costa Rica fortifying the Terrazu Coffee Farm.  Henry and Hannia have decided to return to that field but this time to help us build a base for recruiting, training and sending Peruvian Quechua and Ayamará native peoples. In Perú we will be meeting with Quechua leaders and pastors to begin laying the ground work for the new sending base.  This is a very exciting new venture.

I need about $1,500.00 for airfare and expenses for this trip.  Asking for your prayers and generous support to make it happen.

To DONATE NOW  to this important pioneer missions effort click on the HEART FOR THE WORLD BELOW:



Or you can donate by sending a check made out to Hope for the Hungry with a note or memo indicating that it is for the Ministry of Randy and Bobbi Sperger, Quechua – Tibetan Connection project:

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