This has been a year of unceasing activity and new advances for our work to the unreached peoples of the world.  My trip to Spain was fabulous with new and exiting doors opening up for ministry in and from Spain to the nations. We are especially excited out putting together as Basque country team for Northern Spain or France (the French Basque region borders with the Spain´s Basque region). We will be sending you a fresh newsletter update in the coming days.In this addition of our  Sperger Family Update blog  we would like to  share with you the status of our Montero Sport 4×4 vehicle  project. Here´s a picture of the model just to refresh your memory…

Montero Sport

As you may remember due to abundant off road access problems (getting stuck, almost sliding off a mountain, getting pulled out of rivers, etc., etc.) to Costa  Rica´s  tribal and back country areas where we have been working with our non-profit association,  Green Earth Development Teams as well as the mission sending society,  IFMB (Iberoamerican Frontier Missions Brotherhood) we decided to ask you to pray about a one-time offering of  [  ] $300,00, [  ] $500.00 or even [  ] $1000.00 or more to help arrive at the goal of $17,000.00 for the purchase of  a used Montero Sport 4×4. This is a much needed vehicle to help us get around in Costa Rica and for driving to NGO and missions mobilization ministry and project sites  in Nicaragua and Panama. To date we received around $6,000.00 toward the purchase of the vehicle.

As you may remember the beginning of 2012 saw the closing of our education project among the TERRABA, MALEKU, BORRUCA tribes but the project left us with many open doors and new project possibilities. We also have begun to work with MISKITO tribal refugees in Costa Rica (we can´t even access the “barrio where”  for fear of getting stuck. It already happened once, and they had to push us out. So we just hoof it (“volar pata” we say in Costa Rican colloquial Spanish.) and hope to begin projects with them in Nicaragua in 2013.

We want to continue to help a Costa Rican brother who is working with the CABECAR tribe in off road access areas. Most of the CABECAR reservation consists of off road, dirt, mud and river crossing, with lots of hills.

But it doesn´t stop there! Our IBMB (Iberoamerican Frontier Missions Brotherhood) base in Costa Rica needs a trustworthy vehicle that can handle varied driving situation we have to deal with in one of the rainiest countries in the world (up to 20 fee per year).

I was reminded just this morning in prayer of the verse from the ministry of the Apostle Paul  from the second epistle to the Corinthians chapter 9 verse 8. I love the Apostle Paul. I like to call him the apostle of the super-superlative. How he, rather God loves the word ALL and EVERY, and why not? He means to fill all things with His glory and us with ALL his fullness:   “And God is able to make ALL GRACE abound toward you; that ye, ALLWAYS having ALL SUFFICIENCY in ALL THINGS, may abound to EVERY GOOD WORK”. This is my prayer for the work of God in and by us for His Purposes and His Glory.

May the Lord bless you with that wonderful blessing that Saint John desired for the saints in his day:  “beloved, concerning all things I desire thee to prosper, and to be in health, even as thy soul doth prosper.” (3Jo 1:2 ).

Randy and Bobbi Sperger

Donate Heart

Send a donation now by  just clicking on the  HEART . Then go to Donate Here  and click.  Then pull down the please select one drop down menu and select organizations. Then choose the subcategory  Tierra Verde (Green Earth)- Costa Rica. That is our NGO that is managing the funds for the 4 x 4 vehicle. These funds will not be touched till the full amount comes in for the purchase of the vehicle.  Thanks for you donation!

And God is able to make ALL GRACE abound toward you; that ye, ALWAYS having ALL SUFFICIENCY in ALL THINGS, may abound to EVERY GOOD WORK” (2 Cor. 9:8)


If you don´t want to receive this email letter send a message to:  Questions or comments? Send us an email at or call the following number in Costa Rica: +506-268-5717

IMPORTANT: Please let me know if  the links in this  email letter don’t work for you or you can´t see stuff that I say you should be able to. I am a novice web programmer. Thanks for your comments.   Randy

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  1. Margaret Claire Sperger says:

    I really like your new blog!

    • Thanks for the complement. We hope to integrate a lot of new technology and Word Press plugins that will make this site cutting edge in reporting the work fo God in the Sperger Family.

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