On the 25th of January the Sperger family had a surreal experience in South Asia! But the strange and surreal thing is that these photos were taken as seen in South Asia as we were broadcasting from our living room in Costa Rica, Central America.

Margarget Claire celebrated her 16th birthday on the 25th of January. It was a very special and unique celebration for her this year. Our beloved pastors and disciples in South Asia presented her with a cake and flowers online. They were presented by the young girls in the congregation with cultural dancing. Margaret was very touched even to tears.  Unfortunately for Maggie the cake was consumed some 10,000-12,000 miles distant from Costa Rica. Here is a picture of her cake.




Bobbi sang Amazing Grace  in real time in South Asia being broadcast from our living room in the middle of the night in order to be in the morning service on the other side of the world. The photo below was taken by members of the church as she sang. ¡Amazing!

Bobbi singing live in real time in South Asia. She was being broadcast from Costa Rica.

I preached a message translated into the Local language by a friend several hundred miles from the church where I preached. My message was titled: “So Great a Salvation” from Hebrews 2:3 .

Randy  preaching online  in real time in Central Asia.

My sermon was translated by hand in written form and given to the church´s leadership for the service. The pastor who speaks English translated for me. He attends our online Shepherd´s Staff, Pastors and Leaders training weekly.

My sermon looked something like the Arabic script below. I have put Arabic ipsum lorem here however for security reasons.

الصينية الأراضي من كلا. ذات قادة تاريخ ليبين ثم, أمّا انتصارهم الا أن, جُل حكومة الوزراء قد. يكن عن استبدال واعتلاء الألمانية, الا الحزب العالمية أن, وبدأت للجزر البشريةً بـ وضم. بعد وكسبت المشتّتون ما, هذه في نقطة كرسي, فصل المحور، باستسلام أي. الجبهة بلديهما بوزيرها أسر ان, بولندا والعتاد السوفييتي، وضم أم, قبل الهادي اليابان، هو.

ذات إذ الواقعة الأبرياء, و بلا وباءت الأوضاع والروسية, الصينية الأراضي هذه في. ثم مدن أمّا الربيع، المتحدة, أسر قد الصفحة لإنعدام. لم بلا ويعزى الجنوبي, ان مدن كرسي قامت أوروبا, عن سقطت محاولات أوراقهم بعد. الامم أنجلو-فرنسية حشد لم. أخذ بل أحدث التخطيط الطائرات, نفس حقول لهيمنة و, مدن اسبوعين الإستسلام و. فقد أملاً العناد مع, بـ أسر بغزو عصبة تحرّك. جُل كل بالعمل قُدُماً الأبرياء, دنو أراض إتفاقية إذ.

Unbelievably we gave an altar call and  a number of people responded for the time of ministry of prayer for healing. Here is an actual picture of the first altar call. There we actually two different groups that came forward. This was a first for me! What a priveledge!

Altar call


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