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What’s New in 2017

Time is flying and a lot is happening! Where do I start? Maggie our youngest daughter as you may remember, graduated from high school last year and has started studying apologetics on Saturday´s at ESEPA seminary. She was alos accepted at the University of Costa Rica as a first year student in the Faculty of Sciences School of Agriculture and Food Science.. She has started work at an call center to support her self through college where right now she is starting her liberal arts freshman requirements. She is studying philosophy (Plato and Humanism Revisited! Oh my! I warned her and that´s why she is studying apologetics.

Nathanael and Cristina our son and daughter in law and their two little girls, Isabela and Olivia, are moving at the end of the month to Raleigh, North Carolina. Cristina will be the vice-consul of the Guatemalan Consulate there! They are sad to leave Atlanta and friends there, but are excited to begin a new stage in their life adventure together.

Matthew our youngest son, is working hard in Telecom support and has a lot of responsibility. He traveling a lot and taking great pictures from all over the US. Matthew is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ana Marie our eldest, has just taken her test for Costa Rican citizenship. Her permanent residency was recently rejected, so she investigated the situation and found out that she could opt for Costa Rica citizenship. She will have dual citizenship like we do. Please pray that she passes the exam and that her petition for citizenship is accepted. She is also busy with Choir, teaching and is active our university student church: The Branch Student Movement

Ministry Update

Randy Sperger Randall and Veras Pasadena

So much happening in ministry. On Saturday the 20th I attended a seminar on Creation, Intelligent Design and Evolution put on by a new apologetics group in Costa Rica, called CIV dialalogues… apologetics, science, philosophy, logic and truth. Finally someone else doing stuff in Costa Rica and by local young people. Their translator didn´t arrive so I ended up translating for nearly 4 hours for Dr. Mary Jo and her husband, Dr. Dave Nutting from Discover She is a biologist and he is a geologist. Lot´s of fun! I do a lot of reading and keep up with the debates on Evolution, Intelligent Design and apologetics so I had most of the vocabulary down. I was a little rusty on Paleantology and the fossil record terms but the locals said they really enjoyed the translation and the senior pastor was thrilled.

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Tribe2Tribe continues this year. We made a trip to the Maleku Tribe in February and then on to the Chorotegas en Nicoya. Good news among the Chorotegas. We attempted to meet with our new Tribal Network for the Tribes of Costa Rica but we failed for two reasons: 1) We had a tree fall on the base and I didn´t have a chain saw to clear it out. We also have repairs to do in the cabins due to roots and thieves. 2) In order to meet I have to help with transportation and food. That is a major cost maybe $250 – $300.00. Please consider giving to that account. We plan to meet three times a year in San Jose. That would be a single donation of $900.00 or three of $300.00.

We have missionaries on the field and others in preparation for fields among turkic peoples, tibetan peoples, iranian people groups, tribal peoples, Cuba and Spain. I can only give details for Cuba and Spain as the other sites are highly restricted access we don´t want to risk the work. All of these projects are extremely exiting to me. I´ll save that for a special letter soon.

Next month I will be doing a Healing the Twelve Fountains of Culture (go to English Blog) seminar in Bluefields and Managua, Nicaragua. This is something like the seven mountains of culture teaching in the USA but goes way beyond it in my opinion: theologically, philosophically and practically. This is a vision for the next 30 to 50 years. This is a plan for taking all of Iberoamerican culture for Jesus. Check out our web site at We will also be holding a seminar in Guanacaste, Costa Rican with pastors and leaders in Costa Rica on the Islamic Invasion of the West. I will be assisted in this event by a Costa Rican expert on Islam in Latin America, Adolfo Obando. Check out my website (English and Spanish articles)

Online Ministry Training

We are not playing games with World Christian Discipleship and seeing the Lordship of our King begin to manifest itself in His will being done on the earth through His church in all areas of life and thought. The great commission has two great watersheds: 1) Panta Ta Ethne (all nations) and 2) Ta Panta (all things). In HIMF/IFMB we are concentrating through our mission oranigization, the Iberoamerican Frontier Missions Brotherhood on seeing all peoples discipled throught indigenous discipleship and church planting movements among all unreached peoples. Tribe2Tribe (Tribu a Tribu in Spanish) work with IFMB and EDTV (our NGO) to reach tribal peoples and do community development projects. But as these peoples are reached they must be trained to put all things, all of life and thought under His feet. We do that through Ta Panta U. Each category below. Right now I am teaching Ethnodoxology to people from five countries online.

2017-02-16 SitiodeCursosHIMF-CIMA

Bobbi´s Latest CD

We are getting ready for the final push to finish Bobbi´s latest CD, title yet to be announced but will include pieces that have been most requested and some new compositions. The picture below is from her Jasidí CD with el duo Casillo and Ortiz. This latest work has been long awaiting the finances to move forward. With recent technological changes in marketing strategy and advanced web technology for selling on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify and many others we starting to do our due diligence on how to do that. It will mean 1) Final details in the recording that will include some minimal recording and final mix, 2) Art work, 3) Website for marketing this work and Jasidí. The arrangements on the new album include exciting Latin American percussion in very good taste. Also our son Nathanael recorded the percussion for the song that was #1 on Christian radio stations here in Costa Rica. Please pray for us and if you would like to contribute to making this happen you can donate below but be sure you send us a note at I estimate that final editing and production of the album will cost around $2,000.00. This is our Ethnodoxology domain (etnodoxologia is the Spanish word) for all that has to do with ethnic worship and missions. Make sure you put and not We will probably market the work from a store on


Heart with World


Blessings and peace in King Jesus,

Randy and Bobbi with Anna Marie and Margaret Claire in Costa Rica, Central America

Together reaching the nations in and from Latin America, Brazil and Spain.

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