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On October 20, 21 and 22 we will be holding the 5th International Leadership Conference / Tribe to Tribe (T2T) in Cincinnati, Ohio. Lord willing I will be traveling there from Costa Rica on the 18th of October thru the 25th. The event will be held in Dayspring Church of God in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr. Pande and Dayspring Church will be hosting tribal leaders from Papua New Guinea, Africa, India, Latin America America, and hopefully some Native Americans from the USA. I need support to pay for airfare to fly to the conference.


The ticket costs:
1) Lord willing only $650.00 if I can get the tickets paid for soon.
2) Expenses: $100.00
3) Supplement to our monthly income that was very low this month. Leaving Bobbi in a very precarious financial situation while I am gone. $250.00.
4) Total need: $1000.00 I have rounded off the total needs to make a an even $1000.00 for the whole trip.
4) Dr. Pande has conference expenses that are mounting and is asking for help. If someone wants to donate to that part of the effort that would also be appreciated. Please specify donation to help defer conference expenses.


1) Online at Hope for the Hungry: Just click on the heart shaped world. Give to support Randy and Bobbi Sperger, not Tierra Verde.


2) Online at our Iberoamerican Frontier Missions Brotherhood web page: Go to Give. Imput our family number which is 007 or just Randy and Bobbi Sperger. Then click on submit. Then click on the Red Heart for the World Map. Make sure you put your donation under Costa Rica – Randy Sperger on the Hope for the Hungry Secure and safe giving page.
**3) By mail** with a check made out to Hope for the Hungry, for the ministry of Randy and Bobbi Sperger, T2T Cinci trip. Mail to Hope for the Hungry, P.O. Box 786, Belton, TX 76513; USA. 

Blessings to you and your family and thanks for your prayers and support,


Skype: dr_randolfo | WhatsApp:+506-6050-5027 | Cell phone: +506-6050-5027
Facebook and Facebook msgr: Randy Sperger


Speakers will include: 1)Dr. John Pande my Papua New Guinean evangelist friend and [Tribe2Tribe]( partner who pastors a PNG church in Cincinnati, Ohio, located within a Church of God church that itself is very multicultural. That church also has a Guatemalan, Aguacatecan indigenous congregation. They are a Mayan a tribe from Guatemala. 2) Rev. Olawale Ikotun from Nigeria, 3) My good friend and our base leader for Nicaragua Alfredo Martínez was scheduled to speak but his US visa was denied. The bureaucrats at the US Embassy didn’t even look at the invitation letters. Very disappointing! He is one of our most anointed missions leaders and loved by pastors in Nicaragua. 4) My good friend Dr. Nicku Mordi from Tanzania and [Africa Transformation Embassy]( She is a dynamic speaker and has a heart for all of Africa. 5) Rev. Daniel Wek from Papua New Guinea 6) Dr. John Oziri from Papua New Guinea. 7) There will testimonies from the Cabecar tribe of Costa Rica. 8) Your`s truly. I will be speaking on the Tribal Challenge…The Task Remaining!

This is a leadership vision conference in preparation for 2019 Tribe to Tribe USA. Next year will be tribal mobilization. I may have to travel the USA for 3 or 4 months. The US has more than 500 tribal peoples with many christians in most tribes! But, due to the innate paternalism of the Federal Government´s Bureau of Indian Affairs, bad missions strategy and socialist and humanist ideas that are rampant among the tribes, a poor me, dependency attitude that has been forced upon most of the USA´s Native Americans, they are doing next to nothing on recruiting, training and sending US tribal christians to the unreached tribes of Latin America, Africa, China, and India. THEY MUST BE WOKEN UP. PRAY THAT SOME WILL ARISE AND MOBILIZE THEIR PEOPLE FOR MISSIONS TO UNREACHED TRIBES. I will be working with a Bolivian couple from the Quechua tribe who worked in India for 20 years. He wants us to help them establish a Bolivian Missions Society focusing on recruiting, training and sending tribal peoples to unreached tribes. This is the vision of Tribe2Tribe. We are also planning to work with US tribal leaders to form a US missions structure for recruiting, training and sending USA and Canadian tribal christians to segments of the remaining 2000 unreached tribal peoples of the world. No such structure exists to my knowledge … That is a tragedy!

Download conference schedule and poster at:  Click on the Tribe 2 Tribe logo below.  Tribe2Tribe (

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