Dear praying friend,

So much to tell, so much to share! Our Tribe to Tribe movement continues to grow and make pioneer and radical headway in Frontier Missions (Stay up to date on the whole frontier missions enterprise here) in reaching and discipling unreached tribal peoples and other frontier peoples. Here is a brief list of what we are doing with more details on two of our latest frontier missions events. 1) I have been ministering almost weekly to a group of (varies) 30 – 60 pastors. In August I taught on Christian resistence and Biblical Civil Disobedience. 2) In September 4th-18th I travelled to Bolivia and Peru for the Andean – Tibetan Connection Missions Conference we conducted in both countries. (see below) 3) Now in October I have finished a series on the Text of the Bible, it´s inspiration, inerrancy, infallibility, the transmission of the Biblical text and how we know the Bible is a reliable copy of what the prophets and apostles wrote down under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. 4) We also hosted in a Café Concert in our home – called “Guitars in the Countryside” with the Costa Rican National University´s Guitar Orchestra.(see below). 5) I am also mentoring an ambitious and talented Missionary with a growing Central Asian ministry.



From the 4th till the 18th of September I travelled with one of our IFMB missionaries Henry Gutierrez and Carlos Anchía pastor of very special church from Pavas, Costa Rica to Bolivia and Peru. Our mission was to sow a burden I received from the Lord over 15 years ago for sending Quechua and Aymara missionaries who live in the high mountain plateaus (called “altiplano” in Spanish (11,400 feet – 18,000 feet) of the Andes to the unreached Tibetan peoples high in the mountain valleys and plateaus of the Himalayas living at the same elevation. The right opportunity and timing has not come until now! We held a missions conference in Cochabamba, Bolivia and another one in Urubamba, Peru in the Sacred Valley of the Incas where we find the famous Inca way! There area six countries that make up the old Inca Way (Perú, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina and Bolivia! ) and six countries with unreached Tibetan Peoples ( Afghanistan (Wakhan – Pamir), Pakistan (Balti people), India (N.W. and N.E. India), Nepal, Bhutan, China (Tibet, Sichuan, Gansu,Qinghai, Yunnan), Northern Myanmar ).

Blessings in the King,
Your partners in reaching and discipling the nations
Randy and Bobbi Sperger



In the village of Rucca at 4,200 meter (13,779 feet) elevation.

In the village of Huilloc Alto where we stayed at 4,300 meters (14,107 feet). Far left Costa Rican pastor Carlos Anchía, C.Rican missionary Henry Gutiérrez, Yours truly!

Part of the group from the Conference in Cochabamba, Boliva.

Café Concert-Guitars in the Countryside

Costa Rican National University Guitar Orquestra, directed by master classical guitar professor Pablo Ortiz.

Bobbi coordinated a Café- concert we called Guitars in the Countryside, Laura from our missions base did the promo materials with help from me, Henry Gutiérrez brought coffee from his Tarrazu, coffee farm. Bobbi did a snack menu with recipees from Venezuela, England, Spain, Malaysia, and Austria, made to go with the musical compositions they played. After the concert Saul Laso from Peru shared about his ministry to needy children, Quechua families and churches in mountain villages in the Andes above the Sacred Valley of the Incas near Urubamba. You can hear their last piece called Moliendo Café (Grinding Coffee) from Venezuela. Click Here






Central Asian Project

Khujand Mosque, northern Tajikistan

The Central Asian project (website under construction in Spanish and Portuguese) is seeking to provide information on the region, it´s people groups and cultures, religions, strategic missions statistics, and to mobilize prayer and to provide a platform for recruiting new missionaries and forming apostolic teams, linking them to mission organizations, and then launching them to evangelize and disciple the the nations of the region. I am mentoring the founder and director. He speaks a Turkish bloque language and has worked in the region and made trips to the region to help local believers and pastors the connect with vital evangelization and discipleship resources.



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