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2019 is looking to be a year of long missionary journeys with a long term purpose. This year we´re doing two frontier misions trips with international teams which we believe will have a significant long term impact. The first, to Spain, Southern France and Switzerland. The second to the Himalayan regions India and Nepal.  The third trip, to Israel is for blessing, prayer, praise and evangelization.

Europe, Tibet and Israel.

What an unusual combination of mission trips  for this ministry! In addition to our other normal teaching (pastors seminars, online live, CIMA and TA Panta, our online courses), preaching, missions mobilization and training activities, this year we are planning strategic missionary travels to 1) Europe (Spain, France and Switzerland),  2) to the Tibetan regions of India and Nepal, and 3) to Israel. Here´s a summary of what´s happening…

  1. SPAIN, FRANCE AND SWITZERLAND: In the month of May and June (May 23rd till July 2) I will be traveling to Spain, France and Switzerland with a team of our missionaries and partners from Costa Rica and Nicaragua. One family from Nicaragua already arrived on March 25. We will be attending World Team´sSee the Son”  prayer and vision conference from the 25th of May till the 1st of June. We are working on a strategic Partnership  between our mission IFMB and  World Team. BUDGET: $600 Euros. After the “See the Son” event I will be traveling with our team from Madrid to Valencia.  Valencia to Murcia, Murcia to Granada, Granada to Cadiz, Cadiz to Seville and then back to Madrid. Then on to Barcelona, Tarragona, Zaragoza, Vitoria – Gasteiz and Bilbao (Vasque Country with it´s own unique language)   and then to Bayonne Vasque country Southern France, Toulouse,  Marseille, and Lyon (see details below). Then it´s on to Geneva, Lausanne, and the village of Huemoz – L´Abri in  Switzerland. We will be staying at the great Christian evangelist, cultural critique and philosopher, Francis Schaeffer´s L´Abri community.  IMMEDIATE BUDGET NEED: $2,500.00
  2. TIBETAN REGION OF INDIA AND NEPAL:  In the month of October 1st-30th I will be travelling to India and Nepal with team from our partners from Bolivia (BAN),  Perú (Munakuy), from our base in Nicaragua, ASOMENIC, and from  IFMB, in Costa Rica. These teams are part of our short term teams and missionary formation program Highlands Conection  Please visit our new website called (in Spanish) part of our Andean – Tibetan Conexion Tribe 2 Tribe program. BUDGET: $2,500.00
  3. ISRAEL:  In the month Nov – December Bobbi  will be travelling to Israel with the “Ruth, the Moabite” Musical to Israel and  Spain (Spain event to be confirmed). Bobbi, along with Pablo and Maureen Ortiz, José Castillo (violinist), and a group of 20 dancers and actors  will be performing this work of art written and directed by our good friend and Costa Rican messianic Jew, Margarita Diaz Salas. She is the wife of my Biblical Hebrew professor, now with the Lord, Herman Salas. The Halel Foundaton (facebook) will be providing venues and support in Israel. BUDGET: $1650.00 x 2 plus airfare for two. That price includes food, hotels, transportation and venues for our events.


The  purpose of our visit to Spain is multple. We intend to explore the land (Numbers 13) with  seven  of our missionaries. We will be visiting areas of Islamic migrant colonization, Tibetan Buddhist refugees from China, Gypsy (Gitano o Romani churches), Spain´s largest evangelical group that needs to be mobilized for missions. There is also an enormous population of Hispanics from Latin America that represent and enormous potential for future missionaries to North Africa, Middle East and elsewhere. We will be searching for where to place our base in Spain and where to initiate our first church planting efforts. I am dreaming about work with the Basques. The purpose of our visit to France is to visit the French Basque country, and to see the situation and possible doors of ministry to French secular humanists and  Muslim migrants in Southern France. We will be visiting Francis Schaeffer´s L´Abri community in Huemoz, high in the Alps. We are seeking to form a strategic partnership or at the very least, wise counsel and mentorship for our plans to establish a Center for Cultural Transformation honoring Francis Schaeffer in Iberoamerica (Spain and Costa Rica).  Please pray for this important great commission effort.


Please pray about a special offering to help us accomplish our mission in Europe. I am commited. I have already paid for my tickets and made a deposit on the “See the Son” event with World Team:  REMAINING BUDGET NEED: $2,500.00

On the map you can see the Tibetan-Himalayan regions of India in the northwest, between Nepal and Bhutan in Sittim and in the extreme northeast (Assam and Arunchal Pradesh). There are about 72 (98 by country) known Tibetan Buddhist people groups as well as another estimated 150 people groups that missionary ethnologists tell us are unclassified, still waiting to be found. Amazing! We have started the Andean – Tibetan Conection with the purpose of recruiting, training and sending Quechua and Ayamará tribal christians, adapted to high elevation living to go to these people groups.

The “Ruth the Moabite” Musical going to Israel!  We will be making presentations in Spain (to be confirmed) and Israel in Yardenit and in Jerusalem, maybe even on Har Tsiyyon (Mount Sion).

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