From May 22 till July 2 of this year, for forty days, I was in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and France. Mostly Spain and Switzerland. I want to share some memories and achievements of our trip with you here. It would take hours and hours to share with you all that God did on this wonderfully blessed trip! Here is just a little about it.

Photos from the left to the right 1-3 then left to right 4-6 and finally 7-9 on the bottom left to the right. .
1. In Madrid with Lester and Katherin González from Nicaragua and Támara y Paul Lizardo, missionaries with World Team, one of our partner organizations in Spain. Támara is from Slovakia and Paul from the Dominican Republic. Lester and Katherin are HIMF missionaries in Spain. They need much prayer as they seek to get their legal status and begin their work. They need financial support (please let me know if you can´t find them on the website)! Paul and Támara are missionaries with World Team mission and now Spanish Citizens. World Team was our host for the “See the Son” program from the 25th of May till the 2 of June.
2. With Paul Lizardo, and two other missionaries (Peter Gil and Dwight a Baptist missionary) preparing for a Basketball Evangelism program in Alcalá de Henares.
3. See the Son team in Rio Gordo, Andalusia. We were three from Costa Rica and two from Nicaragua mobilized by HIMF and Paul Lizardo.
4. Researching Tibetan refugees in Spain. Randy, Wengchen from Tibet and Cesar Casteñada from Nicargua. Wengchen is the founder of the Tibetan Embassy in Exile in Barcelona, Spain. We visited him in his House of Tibet Foundation: Tibet House Foundation/. We need to reach out to Tibetan refugees in Spain (80) and Switzerland (7,500). There are also many in other European countries. Info at International Campaign for Tibet on the Tibetan plight aqui
5. Statue of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra author of the Quixote in the Cervantes Museum, Alcalá de Henares near Madrid.
6. Yours truly ready to fight a bull in the Madrid Arena… no, just kidding.
7. At Salamanca University investigating the roots of [Biblical Economics]( front of the Fray Luis de Leon building. Biblical or Christian Economics began not with Adam Smith but with Francisco de Vitoria, Martín de Azpilcueta (1493–1586) and Luis de Molina of the School of Salamanca. Murray Rothbard referred to them as proto-Austrians. My blog page under biblical economics (click here) talks about the history of free market capitalism from a Christian Biblical point of view.
8. We were on Spanish TV in the Evangelical Church of Tarshish in Cadiz, Spain. Here we are at a monument to a Protestant martyr Rodrigo Valer who was condemned for being an Protestant Christian. Condemned to die in the monastery on bread and water (1541-1548).
9. With pastor Manuel Roselló with whom we stayed for days and César in Valencia, Spain in front of his bookstore, “La Pesca Milagrosa” in Valencia, Spain.

1. Putting up publicity for an evangelistic event in the village of Meco with English missionary Peter Gil and Paul Lizardo, near Alcalá de Henares.
2.Cesar Casteñada my trusty Sancho during my Quixotic trip all over Spain, preaching, teaching, researching and praying for where we are to set up our base and where Cesar and Karla are to start their work.
3. A Roman aqueduct totally intact in Segovia, Spain where St. John of the Cross did his marvelous mystical poetry about the cross and the journey to spiritual union with the King. He is my all time favorite poet.
4.Cesar with William Quiroz menonite missionary from Costa Rica in Vigo, Spain in Galicia. William is asking for us to send more workers and start a base there! Anybody with a call?
5.The marvelous Islamic arches in the Cathedral Mosque of Cordoba Spain. This brings us to the issue of Islam in Europe.
6.A punk rocker I evangelized in the Roman Pretorium of Tarragona near the Roman circus where many Christians were martyred. Re-imagine Terraco, now called Tarragona here.
7.Communion meal Sunday in Madrid.
8. A painting of the bombing and burning of Guernika, Basque country, Spain. This was a horrible and dastardly attack perpetrated by Franco in union with the Germans.
9.Picasso´s painting of the bombing of Guernica (26 April 1937) on a wall in Guernica. The original painting is in the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid. This should make us think of the relevance of the arts and culture
Sunday morning after preaching in a Mixed Spanish, Latino, Basque church pastored by Fernando Roselló
Talayuela Mosque, Spain. Picture from the internet. We have strategic contacts there waiting to receive our missionaries!
Yours trully with Don Quixote and Pablo Lizardo front of the Cervantes House in Alcalá de Henares, España.

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