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The last couple of months since my return from my missionary journey all over Spain has found us increasingly abounding in the King´s Business! (1 Cor. 15:18). The King´s business of the Great Commission should involve all of life and thought, and more and more we are involved in impacting increasing numbers of key areas of our King´s Great Commission Mandate. Click on the link for a great book on the subject.

Pioneer or frontier missions advances (Romans 15:17-21), Bible translation in partnership with Wycliffe Bible Translators, helping indigenous tribal movements like tribe2tribe (T2T), indigenous sending organizations, vocational discipleship, and preaching and teaching the Kingdom of God in Word and Deed until whole nations will be brought under the easy yoke of King Jesus.

Beloved we are in urgent need of your prayers and sacrificial support this month. Last month the offerings to our work were way down and this month was even more severe! Please pray about sending a special offering for this month. Normally ministry expenses, often part of our travel expenses, food and drinks at meetings, local travel and office expenses (web site hosting, domains, podcast storage, online meetings, building maintenance, property maintenance, and on and on, come out of our normal family budget, (We don´t have extra space and missionary housing for fun!). My mission trip to Europe was more expense than planned which means that I had a deficit of a least $1000.00.


Here is our Fall Update

Always Abounding in the Work of the Lord!

Tasks ranging from giving testimony over the founding years of FEDEMEC during their most recent passing of the mantel to FEDEMEC´s new director Carlos Abarca, to testifying in court to defend workers from unjust and humanistic judges and laws, receiving workers from unreached fields among various Muslim and Buddhist tribes in Africa and Asia and so much more. We are praying fervently for the healing of a good friend and co-worker from a tribe in Africa who was kidnapped by Boko Haram in a Muslim country. He has been released but is recovering from cruel wounds and internal injuries from brutal beatings. We also have been helping to translate for pastoral training done by the International Training Institute for Costa Rican pastors and leaders, making contacts for the beginning of a Latin America Center for Biblical Law and Justice, teaching missions course, attending a meeting about the “Don´t Touch My Child” (Con Mi Hijo No Te Metas) movement against Identity Politics in Latin America, in the National Assembly´s Hall of Ex-presidents. The event focused on defending the family and the nation from cultural Marxism, identity politics and the abortion butchers. I recommend for you consideration Douglas Murray´s new book: the Madness of Crowds, gender, race and identity to help you sort it out. He is not christian but has a lot of traditional wisdom. More in the English Scholarly tradition. We are also helping the 5 Reforms movement in Costa Rica to begin to establish a strong conservative and biblically informed political movement based on 1) limited government, 2)free markets, 3) private property and 4) a biblically informed reformation of law and justice among other things. See more below!

Blessings in the King,

Randy and Babbi Sperger
Wednesday, October 16th, 3nd Day of the Feast of Tabernacles 2019. Tabernacles symbolized among other things the Great Feast of the Ingathering of all Nations (Panta Ta Ethne, all nations)




July the 26,27th FEDEMEC (our first mission organization celebrated it´s 4th passing of the leadership mantel after 33 years) We are pleased with the new leadership! To do the outgoing director Andrés Blanco decided to hold a conference featuring your´s truly as the founding director, Allan Matamoros Fedemec´s first director after me, and Carlos Abarca the new director. Three of the four directors were there for the ceremony. Jorge Gómez the president of the Evangelical Alliance presided and one of Fedemec´s founding planning committee. It was a time of great blessing and with the sense of a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit blessing the new leadership and renewing strong ties with past directors.

A view of conference attendees
Teaching on the second day on a Biblically sound vision of the Missional Church

Don´t Mess with my Kids Movement

Fours Speakers in the presentation of “Don´t Mess with my Kids” (Con Mis Hijos No te Metas). In the Hall of Expresidents – San José, Costa Rica

We had four excellent speakers in the “Don´t Mess with my Kids” movement. They held a teaching conference in the National Hall of Ex- Presidents in the National Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica a few weeks ago. They all spoke with great authority and eloquence against the utter stupidity and illegality of Gender ID Politics and other Cultural marxist currents of revolutionary thought. Costa Rica has a very strong “Patria Potestad” (Parental Authority) constitutional and legal tradition. BUT WE MUST BE VIGILANT AND STAND AND FIGHT! Part of that fight means helping the 5 Reforms Movement under Dr. Alberto Mansueti from Chile. If we don´t we soon won´t have a base from which to send missionaries from Latin America. We will all be Venezuelas.

Training Pastors and Leaders


From the 19th – 22nd of August I translated for a theological training course for pastors done by the International Training Institute (ITI) who currently has 7,000 leaders enrolled in the ITI in 23 countries. It is a lot of fun to help facilitate this training with quality translation that the pastors really appreciate. They know enough English to tell the difference.


In August and for a few days in September I went to Bolivia to teach the Perspectives Course in four cities: 1) San Cruz de la Sierra, 2) Cochabamba, 3) Sucre and 4) La Paz. This is a course that every christian should take once in their lives and especially pastors and missionary candidates. It is a requirement for all of our missionaries. It was an amazing tour. After teaching in one city I had to get on a plane the next morning and fly to the next city. In La Paz I landed at about 4,000 meters elevation or 13,123 feet in La Paz Alta. Pretty high, but nothing compared to some of Bolivia´s and Peru´s highest villages at 14,764 feet. Bolivia is also big so that is why I had to fly!

IMG 4894
The perspectives coordination team in Santa Cruz de la Sierr
IMG 4909
The perspectives course coordination team in Cochabamba
IMG 4967 Fotor4032X2324
The Perspectivas Course Coordination Team La Paz, Bolivia


The last Saturday of my trip our mission society partner in Cochabamba, BAN Bolivia (Bendencidos Alcanzando Nationes: Blessed Reaching Nations) held an introductory seminar that I taught on Ethnodoxology. Ethnodoxology is a new missiological science that has grown out of the science of Ethnomusicology. For security reasons I won´t share photos on this public site.

Tibet image

A Tea-Bet is a time to gather together young people, pastors and interested parties to drink Tibetan butter tea and share in a Tibetan dish prepared by my ethno-gastronomist wife and to share with missionaries, bible translators or other crazy people who have been there, and are working there, speak the languages and have come back alive to share about it! Pray for Babbi´s website with cooking videos and instructions. She cooks with on thing in mind… That the nations might all come together and share their delights in the table of the KING OF KINGS.

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