Visionary Mission Trip to India and Nepal 2021

In the month of April, Lord willing, I will be traveling with a team from Bolivia, Peru and Costa Rica to some of the key Tibetan Buddhist regions in the highlands of Nepal and India (Himachal Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir). Our trip dates are from the 28th of March till the 4th of May. This trip is part of our broader Tribe2Tribe project and is specifically part of the Andean – Tibetan Conexion project. We are calling this a Visionary Trip for base leaders from Peru and Bolivia and new missionary candidates in training that we are taking with us to help them discern their calling for more permanent long term missionary service, discipleship and church planting work among Tibetan Buddhist peoples.

Click here for more information. Our budget for the trip is $3,000.00! NOTE: If you have given with this trip as your objective for your donation please let us know and we will put that money aside either for the trip to Bolivia and Peru in October or if you want till April 2021.

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