Dear praying friend,

Believe it or not we are ministering more and teaching more and publishing more stuff since covid-19 than even before. I guess the old adage is applies here: “Necesity is the mother of invention.”

In this edition of our update we share some with you some of our recent work and report to you for your prayerful consideration our urgent need for additional financial support this month!

Blessings in King Jesus,

Your kingdom partners in Costa Rica and from Costa Rica to the worlds unreached peoples


Teaching lesson number four of the New Virtual Perspectivas Coursethat has launched all over Latin America and in Spain. My class, Lesson 4 is on the biblical basis for world missions called: “The Mandate for Reaching the Nations“, will be heard and studied by hundreds of Latin American pastors, missionary candidates and potential world christians. Please pray for this great and very important course that has become a worldwide movement in pro of the Global Christian Movement.

The image above is from the Virtul Perspectives Course launch for Latin America in August. We were pioneers in establishing the first seeds of the movement in the 1980´s according to Bruce Koch who works at the Global Perspectives office. I started the first perspectives course in Latin America. Though we didn´t have the full reader and work book in Spanish at the time, as we thankfully do now, we still made sure our students were taught the who package! What a priviledge to contribute to this marvelous kingdom mobilization and training tool. Perspectives is a course about God´s Glory and Global Purposes for all nations! It will change your life! You can now take it in English online and in real life local communites, as well.


Please pray for us and please pray about a special offering this month. We are so far down this month on our support that the budget doesn´t allow us to even pay the normal bills and put food on the table.

Pray about helping us with a special offering this month. Just click on the giving heart or the DONATE NOW BUTTON.
1. Pray for Randy as he works daily to finsh his book. A possible title in English could be: A Biblical Theology of God´s Global Kingdom Mission.
2. Pray for our new course our new online Nonresidential Missions and Great Comission Strategic Coordination starting in October. If you know anyone who might be interested they can register here!
3. Pray for David and Sarah in Spain. They are establishing our HIMF base n Spain and work with out online course program. Click here to donate to David and Sarah.
4. Pray for Reza and Soraya in Central Asia. Reza was recently operated on and is recovering. Pray for their language learning and making new friendships for personal evangelism.Click here to donate to Reza and Soraya in Central Asia
5. Pray for Cesar and Carla: God´s leading for where to go to fulfill there call in Spain. They have doors open but need clear confirmation.
6. Pray for Isabel who is staying with us here in the base. She is an experienced missionary nearly native fluency in an major language with many unreached peoples. She also speaks a Turkic language. She waiting to leave for Central Asia to her join team as soon as doors open on the field side.
7. Pray for Michel and Janet in Chile as they are trying to set up a training base with HIMF training in Chile starting next year.

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