Dear praying friend and co-labourer in God´s mission to the nations,

During the last several months I have been teaching a course on our online missionary training learning management system, CIMA that is seeking to recruit and train Stratetic Coordinators of the Great Commission and Non Residential Missionaries from several countries. We are doing our part, the training! If some decide to dedicate a career to SCGC (Strategic Coordination of the Great Commission) and or Non-residential Missiones it is in the Holy Spirit´s capable sovereign hands. We kicked off the process by holding a seminar called Non-residential missions and the coordination of the great commission, as a strategy for a time such as this (see photo shown below) with over 100 registered. Then in October we initiated a 9 week course that ends next week. Students are developing a plan to bring to bear at least 20 dimensions of World Christian Discipleship on their home nation or on another less reached nation. We have students from the Dominican Republic, Spain, Ecuador, Panamá and Cuba. This is our first attempt since the early 90´s to train Non Residential Missionaries and our very first attempt to train Strategic Coordinators of the Great Commission, a concept that we at IFMB.ORG are developing out of our own original strategic thinking about the Great Commission.


We celebrated thanksgiving on Sunday the 29th three days after the US thanksgiving because it´s not a holiday down here. So we always do our celebration on Saturday or Sunday to include friends who work. We invited the families of our Costa Rican Andean – Tibetan Connection short term team as well as one of our missionary families who will be returning to work with Quechua Christians in Perú soon. Our trip this year was cancelled in April due to the CCP Corona Virus… 🙁 This scene of the first Thanksgiving is somewhat reminiscent of our own life experience on the mission field. We are frequently eating meals over the years with different leaders among tribal friends and nationals from many countries. This year it´s people that in one way or another are involved in our Tribe2Tribe ( in Spanish) ministry and the Andean Tibetan Connection..

From Bobbi: One of my closest friends, Maureen, the wife of Pablo Ortiz, passed away suddently on October 1st. Almost every year we have spent thanksgiving together and they have had a pastoral and intercessory role in my life. As I mourn my close friend, we come to the end of an extremely complicated year, but still giving thanks in the midst of all things for this is the will of the Lord. (1 Ts. 5:18).

Randy and Bobbi Sperger

Central América en Costa Rica

A Plea for Help for Friends and Co-labourers in Nicaragua

Osvaldo y Eliette Rosales and their son, Madriel 23 and daughter, Maria del Carmen 19, in Nicaragua are a dynamic couple working hard to disciple Nicaragua though training of pastors and discipling future christian leaders to strive to bring God´s Kingdom principals to bear on a country torn by past violence, war, hurricanes, poverty and communist political instabiity. Osvaldo and Eliette have worked closely with our base leader in Nicaragua, Alfredo Martínez. They are good people and God´s servants! They urgently need six months of help to pay for medicine for their daughter. She sadly has a tumor at the base of her brain the size of a grape. The cost of those medicines for 6 months is $480.00. So the best way would be for a donor to say, for example, I will send $80.00/month for 6 months. If you decide to donate to this urgent need please specify for “Medicine for Rosales family in Nicaragua” and donate under DONATE, Organizations, Tierra Verde. We will keep you posted on how her treatment is going.

Prayer Requests and Support Needs

  1. URGENT: We received $1156.50 of support this month. I paid some of our pending bills and current expenses for this month and we have now are left with a grand total $325.00 in the balance. That will not even pay the rest of our normal bills plus food, not to mention end of the year taxes to the Costa Rican government. So we are once again in urgent need of your prayers and support. We would ask you to pray about a special Christmas offering early in the month. Every year in Costa Rica we have, what I call, the Christmas scourge (sounds like Scrooge) because the state hits everybody with taxes on vehicles and other government imposed expenses at just that time of year! The secular Christmas spirit right? How festive! This complicates our normal ministry and hospitality that we should do during the Christmas season and at end of the year. Our situation is critical! Amount needed: $ 1460.00
  2. The brake disk pads are worn out on my car and that represents an urgent need! Can´t drive it right now! Estimated amount needed: $350.00
  3. We are behind in our property taxes. They have rise to the level of what I call “a tyrannical rent on private property”, instead of taxes. One now pays the government rent on owning personal property, not taxes. That is how high it has gotten and now the latest socialist thieves in power have promised to triple property taxes! Amount needed: $500.00 at least are needed to get us up to date.


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